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34 Strengths

34 Strengths

In his book,’ Now Discover Your Strengths‘, Buckingham outlines the 34 themes that the Gallup analysis has identified.

These are:

Achiever – Driven to achieve goals

Activator – Impatient for action

Adaptability – Flexibility to take advantage of the moment

Analytical – Look for patterns and value data

Arranger – Coordinating others and resources

Belief – Bound by certain core values

Command – Driven to take charge

Communication – A natural explainer, presenter and public speaker

Competition – Focused on competing to win

Connectedness – Focused on finding the reason or cause for things

Consistency – Balance is important

Context – Looking to history to find reason for the present

Deliberative – Careful, vigilant and searching for certainty

Developer – Find potential in others and seek to grow them

Discipline – Seeking predictability

Empathy – Reader of the emotions of those around them

Focus – Require a clear destination

Futuristic – Dreamer and innovator

Harmony – Always looking for agreement

Ideation – Fascinated by ideas

Includer – Engaged in adding people to the group

Individualization – Intrigued by the individual qualities of each person

Input – Inquisitive and a collector of information, facts, books and ideas

Intellection – Stimulated by thinking and mental activity

Learner – Focused on learning and gaining knowledge

Maximizer – Excellence is your measure of success

Positivity – Build teams with praise and positive feedback

Relator – Bonds deeply with people

Responsibility – Takes psychological ownership for anything they commit to

Restorative – A problem solver

Self-assurance – An unshakeable faith in their strengths

Significance – Driven by a need to be seen as important in the eyes of others

Strategic – Absorbed by a high perspective on the world

Woo – Winning Others Over

People will have a number of strengths.  The online assessment that Buckingham’s book allows you to use will provide you with a list of your top 5 strengths.

If applied properly, these strengths can be applied to your tasks for a more efficient and effective performance.

If you are in a leadership or management role, then identifying the strengths of your staff and applying those strengths to the appropriate tasks will allow them to perform well and improve output and performance.

If you are interested in how to exploit the strengths of your team then perhaps Strengths in Action can help.

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