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5 Tips for Motivating Your Team

5 Tips for Motivating Your Team

Here are 5 tips to help you motivate your team.

1. Set clear achievable goals – Your people need to know what a good job looks like so that they can then do the things they need to do to achieve it. They also need to be able to measure their progress.  There is little more demotivating when you are hill walking as to reach a false peak and realise there are still several miles to go!

2. Support your team with mentoring coaching and resources – Your team will need the tools and materials to get the job done and the support of your leadership when they lose their way or encounter a problem.

3. Give praise often – A child learns to walk one step at a time and is praised for every step.  As you rarely see adults crawling to work, this approach seems to work! Use the same apporach and catch people doing something well, instantly praising them for their efforts.

4. Listen to the team – they are closer to the task and the problems, so they are your eyes and ears, your spies in the project.  They will know the issues that are being addressed and how to avoid them in the future.

5. Use incentives and the promise of rewards and then deliver them – praise often, pay up on promises and  celebrate successes and you will build a culture that enjoys achieving!

These are just a few quick motivators that are effective for the majority of people.

Motivation is also a very personal thing and this means you will need to know your team better as individuals so that you can motivate each appropriately when the need arises.

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