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Your Unique Life Purpose

Your Unique Life Purpose

In Marketing and Business, there is a concept of USP the Unique Selling Proposition

If a business or product deserves a USP then surely you do too.

Mary Dunbar suggested that ‘We each have a unique and important way. It is our privilege and adventure to discover our own special light.”
So what is your ULP? Your Unique Life Purpose?
This is your definite life purpose.  What you are born to do and how you can add most value.

One of my heroes, Earnest Shackleton has a ULP of conquering the South pole and the Antarctic Continent and he returned time and again to achieve that goal.

Finding your ULP  can be difficult and the search is fraught with difficulties and blind alleys

Firstly, don’t confuse your job with your purpose.

Your job doesn’t define you…Sometimes that is difficult, but remember that no matter how much your manager likes you, if he or she needed to, your would be made redundant!  If you identify yourself as just your job, that shock will be emotionally very painful.
what do you really want to be doing?  Perhaps your job funds your purpose or could your purpose be something that can fund your life?

Secondly, don’t confuse your relationship with your purpose

Your relationship should be aligned to your purpose but not be your purpose.  Support is important, are you getting it?

Align your goals align be to your purpose.

Consider the ‘purpose’ of SW airlines – ‘To be the cheapest airline in the US’

This allowed everyone in the team to set appropriate goals.

If it didn’t make the company cheaper, then it wasn’t a valid goal and was discarded…
”Do we serve salads in flight?”
“Will it make us cheaper?”
“Then NO”

Your purpose should be the same…ask the question ‘Will this goal help me achieve my purpose?’ Yes / No?

Your purpose doesn’t need to be to big, too complex or too challenging…Just yours!

So how will you find your purpose? A little introspection will help us out here.

What 5 things do you love?
– I love to ……….
– I love to ……….
– I love to ……….
– I love to ……….
– I love to ……….

What 5 things are you really good at?
– I am really good at ………
– I am really good at ………
– I am really good at ………
– I am really good at ………
– I am really good at ………

Alternatively, what would financial security do for you?
If you won the lottery, what 3 things would you do?

Use these thoughts to craft your Unique Life Purpose.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You can work on that over the years ahead.

So what is your ULP?

Dare to Aspire

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