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7 Tips for Turning Prospects into Clients

7 Tips for Turning Prospects into Clients

Folk are wary of sales people.  Television and the media are filled with examples of sleazy sales people it is no wonder that sales has a bad reputation.

As a result, very few people like being sold to.  The paradox is that most people actually like to buy.  We even have a term for that feeling of happiness that we get when we buy something we want…”Retail Therapy”.

So as a sales person, we need to think about ways in which we can persuade  a prospect to “buy” rather than sell to them.

Here are 7 Tips for helping you turn prospects into clients:

1.  Reduce fear by eliminating the doubt in you prospect’s mind.  Ensure that they understand everything about your proposal and how it works.

2.  Ask the sort of questions that will help you understand the buyer’s preference. Email me to find out the 9 magic questions for sales success.

3.  Focus on what the prospect finds interesting in your proposition.  Then build the story of how your product or service can solve the prospect’s problems.

4.  Become a walking example of the benefits of your produce. Be a “product of the product” and let the prospect know you believe in your product.

5.  Remember to mention what the product won’t do as this can reduce the feeling of buyer’s remorse.

6.  Make prospects feel they are important to you, build the relationship before you move towards a sale.

7.  Don’t cold call – Get referrals.  They are a tacit indication that you are offering quality to your prospects and every referral call is a much warmer call so you are more likely to be positive in the face of the prospect.

Selling is a great career and like any career, you need to understand the rules and how to be professional to get the most from what you do.

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