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7 Ways to Boost Your Resilience

7 Ways to Boost Your Resilience

Success requires that you maintain a high level of personal resilience so that you can cope with set backs, problems and disappointments.

Your reservoir of resilience will, however, need to be replenished from time to time so that you can cope with the day to day problems of business and life.

Here a 7 ways that you can refresh your resilience and boost your persistence:

1.    Visualise your success – Having a compelling reason to keep going is a very strong motivating factor.  Such a strong motivation will help you refresh your enthusiasm for the goal and so build your resilience.
2.    Take control – If you feel like a victim you are more likely to give up on your goals.  If you believe that you are in charge rather than at the hands of fate or your past history then you feel more empowered. Feeling in control will actually allow you to overcome some of the doubts you have.

3.    Manage your stress – Stress reduces your emotional reserves by forcing you to control your anxiety.  Control your stress levels by either managing with distractions, such as deep breathing and exercises or by removing the source of the stress.

4.    Improve your decision making process – Making decisions well allows you to move forward in achieving your goals.  Not only will it generate both momentum and achievement, it will reinforce your belief that you can improve your situation and so overcome the tasks that are reducing your resilience.

5.    Deal with conflict rationally – Conflict doesn’t need to be an emotional event and you can often resolve conflict rationally and constructively rather than investing in an ego based position and fighting your way our of a conflict.  Use a principle from the marital art, Aikido, and use a greater force against itself.  The person that manages a situation most effectively prevails.

6.    Learn from your mistakes – Think regularly about the lessons you can draw from your experiences.  This will prepare you for the little challenges and experiences that life can throw at you.  Being prepared will allow you to cope more readily and so boost your resilience level.

7.    Ask for help – No man is an island unto himself so draw upon the support of others to help you persist.  Yoke the strengths of other in your team or even just talk through the problem.  Expressing an issue makes it more logical and less emotional allowing you to build your resilience.

Use these techniques to build your resilience when you are feeling emotionally drained.

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