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80 Percent!

80 Percent!






Woody Allen is often quoted as saying that “80 percent of success in life is showing up!”

Imagine my surprise then when a friend organised a free marketing event for coaches and NONE of them turned up!

The very people that espouse the virtue of taking action to their clients failed to take action in this case. So why?

  • They all agreed to attend prior to the event!
  • It was free!
  • It was what they needed!
  • The speaker was an expert in the field!

I think at least 3 observations fall out of this event.

1. If something is free, then there is no loss to you personally if you don’t attend, other than to be known as someone that is unreliable. Free is easily abused!

2. Common wisdom is often not common action.  People often know what they need to do, but work harder on finding reasons not to do something rather than just doing it.

3. If you are selecting a coach for your own growth and development, then ensure that they have a track record of taking action themselves.
(Unlike those that should have attended last night!) You deserve a coach that has actually completed something challening in their life, taken massive action to overcome something or at the very least demonstrated an ability to commit to something and follow through.

While disappointing,  the evening was still successful because it consolidated a friendship and gave me an opportunity to meet some other people who at least had the strength of character to  take themselves away from the flat screen ‘income reducer’.

Rant over!

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2 thoughts on “80 Percent!

  1. Sousa Hari

    You sound hurt, even insulted and/or afronted that not one person turned up for your friends free event. And as you so rightly say, there are several learnings to come out of this.
    If I can give you my humble opinion, I saw things through a different lens.
    1. Many people book onto free events hoping that they will ‘find the time’ to do at least some of them. Everyone is trying to fit too much into 24hrs.
    2. As you rightly say, if it’s free they may feel they have no commitment, and if there is no provision or direction for giving notice that they cannot attend, then it slips by with the host and speaker not knowing why.
    3. There are literally dozens of free events on offer – I am bombarded by them myself. It’s very hard to choose between them. Without a doubt, some people will feel overwhelmed by the choice but at the same time not want to miss something useful. Which one to actually attend? My guess is they choose on the day, the one that seems most relevant both in subject and time. We all have to prioritise our lives on a minute to minute basis – who knows how many different reasons would be given, if you sent out a feedback survey. I’m sure most would be disappointed and apologetic.
    I hope your friend can rebook his event on another date.
    Best wishes
    Sousa Hari, The Habit Breaker

    1. admin Post author


      great points…My disappointment is really in the level of commitment that people have to an event that they had agreed to attend and then didn’t.
      Personal leadership and commitment is not a one time event but a commitment to self and others.

      Yes there are other free events, but if people can’t really commit then a ‘No’ is ok…

      I was certainly feeling disappointed for my friend. Fortunately he is persistent and has rebooked for an alternative time.

      Thanks for your comments.

      Best wishes


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