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Applying Guiding principles to Your Business

Applying Guiding principles to Your Business

As individuals we are a product of our person values and behaviours.

You recognise a good person by the things they say they believe in and the actions they take.

If someone says they value thrift and live in a modest home then we see them living that value.

If someone says they believe in green principles but drive their 4 wheel drive 1 mile to the shops then there is an in-congruency that makes us question that person’s statements in the future.

In your business,  guiding principles can be useful in 2 ways.

Firstly, they can helping in making business decisions.

If your guiding principles include, ‘We apply green principles whenever possible’ then perhaps you instigate a ‘bike to work’ scheme or a ‘car share’ policy to reduce the environmental impact of your employee’s commute.

Secondly, your business principles can add to your marketing message.

The Apple company aims to explore a better consumer experiences and have this embodies in their guiding principle and motto of ‘Think Different’.

So what guiding principles does your business have?

Perhaps some of these principles are ones you can aspire to have:
– We contribute to the local economy
– We provide an environment where our staff can learn and develop
– We delivery on the promises we make
– We operate with a minimum of environmental impact
– We aim for a win-win solution for both our customers and our suppliers
– We plan for the long term growth of both the business and the environment

What will your guiding principles be?

Dare to Aspire

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