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Be a STAR storyteller: Simple presentation formula

Be a STAR storyteller: Simple presentation formula

No matter the story you are telling, whether a joke, a report, a briefing or a presentation, the STAR formula is a simple and practical approach that will help you engage and hold your audience.


S- Situation

Set the scene for the rest of the story. It sets the context and helps build a picture for the listener. The listener for his part will use his imagination and make the story personal in his mind. Try to use the frames (Visual, Audio, Kinaesthetic) that the listener users or if you are presenting to a large group, try to include as many elements as you feel necessary to engage each member of your audience.

T – Task

What is the problem, issue or task you needed to address? Outline the problem so that your audience can appreciate the scope ad scale of what you have achieved.

A- Actions

What did you do? What actions have you taken to resolve the problem and why did you choose those actions rather than an alternative course? This is where you explain the activities that you decided would make the differences you wanted to create.

R- Results

This is the punch line, the end of the story that highlights how your efforts have either met the need, or not. This is the key to the story so remember to phrase it with the impact it deserves.

Following this simple formula won’t necessarily guarantee success, but it will ensure your story meets the fundamental needs of the listener and help you engage their interest.

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