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Book Review: Alan E Shelton – Awakened Leadership

Book Review:  Alan E Shelton – Awakened Leadership

Book Review: Alan E Shelton – Awakened Leadership

awakenedleadershipIn a time when leadership is more important than ever, a book that helps you find the leader within yourself is essential reading. Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self-Mastery is one of those books.
John Paul Satre in ‘Being and Nothingness’ noted that we have a ‘divided self’.  We behave differently when we are alone as compared to when we are with other people.  We change our behaviour to meet the expectation of how other people think we should live our lives

Alan E Shelton, in his book Awakened leadership seems to have identified a similar  concept in the leadership domain.  We tend to believe that leadership is about what we do and what we think others believe is leadership. We change our behaviour to act like the leaders that we think other people expect us to be.

Shelton, however suggests that a more effective leadership approach is to be the person you are and let your inner leader shine through.  In any situation, if we act from our natural character and based on our strengths and attributes, we expand into a position of leadership appropriate to our ability.

Shelton has arrived at this insight through a very unusual life story.  He has assessed  a series of his own life events and personal situations and treated them as case studies.  And investigating those case studies he has discovered not only his own leadership ability but given us all both a sign post and permission to find our own leadership style.

From a story early in his life about the urge to excel and win a precious red hatchet to his reaction to a variety of organised religions, Shelton’s life is explored and contrasted with other case studies to help the reader explore their own leadership skills.

A key observation on this journey is that Awakened Leadership is a recognition that the only stable thread  that weaves itself through your leadership ability is the internal peace that you contribute to the fray.  The very idea echoes the Kipling poem ‘If’ and indicates the profound level of leadership insight Shelton may have uncovered.

A strong book on leadership and individual discovery and a valuable addition to any leader’s library.

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