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Book Review: Blind Ambition by Patricia Walsh

Book Review: Blind Ambition by Patricia Walsh

Book Review: Blind Ambition by Patricia Walsh



In life, challenges are common and sometimes we can be a little overwhelmed by what we feel is a little beyond our ability to perform. When that happens, it is useful to read of others that have overcome adversity and those stories don’t come any more impressive than Patricia Walsh and her story in the book,  Blind Ambition: How to Envision Your Limitless Potential and Achieve the Success You Want.

As a child, Patricia developed a brain tumour that robbed her of the majority of her sight. After a period of emotional turmoil she became committed to living a life where the lack of sight would not stop her.


Overcoming what might seem insurmountable adversity Patricia worked her way through college earning a master’s degree and then won a prestigious role with Microsoft.

It was this journey and the methods she used that allowed her not only to excel as an engineer but also become a world class athlete and an international Ironman competitor not only winning races but setting records in the process. All with no sight.

Patricia’s approach is remarkably simple, but then most profound things are. Her approach is essentially strategic goal setting with a ruthless and uncompromising dedication to achieving those goals.

An approach that has credibility in both anecdotal evidence and support in psychological evidence that she discusses.

She calls it Fuel, Fire and Blaze.

Fuel goals are the basic things you need to do on a day to day basis.

Fire goals are the intermediate short term goals that act as milestones to the bigger Blaze goals.

Blaze goals are the big, ambitious goals you have – the things you want to achieve for your life.

In the book, Patricia takes us on the journey of her life and how this particular strategy has helped to achieve so much despite the challenges.

The steps of Fuel, Fire to Blaze are explored through some very personal stories that explore some of the many adversities she has encountered.

The book is filled with tips and lessons learned from Patricia’s life and these are captured at the end of each chapter. If you are looking for inspiration and confidence that hard work and focus can overcome adversity, this easy and engaging read will give you that and much more. Conversational and entertaining this is a very helpful book for those that are struggling to overcome a limiting belief or feel that they are unable to solve a problem. We are rarely given the desire without the ability to achieve. Sometimes it takes persistent, ingenuity and hard work but that work is invariably worth the effort even if the outcome isn’t precisely the goal you aimed at.

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