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Book Review: Bootstrap Selling the Sandler Way by Bill Morrison

Book Review: Bootstrap Selling the Sandler Way by Bill Morrison

Book Review: Bootstrap Selling the Sandler Way by Bill Morrison

bootstrapsellingAs I have written several times before, I have been impressed by large parts of the Sandler selling system. Not everything from Sandler translates into an approach that I would personally employ, however in Bootstrap Selling the Sandler Way, Bill Morrison really has nailed a set of principles and techniques that have direct application for me personally and for many sales departments in general.

All things come to those that wait but only the crumbs left over by those that hustle and Morrison’s bootstrap selling behaviours are all about hustle. Bootstrapping sales people accept and take personal responsibility for their performance and critically assess that performance. They work to develop good behaviours and also work hard to reduce the bad or what Morrison terms, ‘at-leaster’ behaviours.

As with all the Sandler material, this book is full with action points. These are presented at the end of each chapter in the form of Sandler takeaways. Some of these takeaways invite the reader to review their performance with questions like ‘How did I drive a sale forward today?’ and ‘What should I have done differently?’. These should be routine, if not daily questions.

Other takeaways reflect common psychological issues such as falling into a comfort zone or over estimating a customer’s interest. Each chapter then gives you the opportunity to self evaluate and develop you selling skills.

Morrison also presents a variety of examples of how bootstrapping sales people operate and how you and the customer can either progress to a sale or get to a clear ‘No’ rapidly. Getting to ‘No’ is not the target outcome but it saves you wasting time pursuing a sale that just isn’t going to happen. However, if there is a sale to be made then the bootstrapping approach offered in this book and the larger Sandler system gives you the skills to achieve it.

Bootstrap Selling the Sandler Way is a great addition to the Sandler library and a book that is useful to anyone that is involved in the sales process.

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