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Book Review: Communicate to Influence by Ben and Kelly Decker

Book Review: Communicate to Influence by Ben and Kelly Decker

Book Review: Communicate to Influence by Ben and Kelly Decker




According to a Bruskin-Goldring Survey, for a large number of the population, the fear of public speaking is greater than that of death. So that would mean that more people would rather than be in the coffin than giving the eulogy!  A surprising situation.

For those that are able to muster the courage to speak in public,  many still struggle to present their message in a clear, engaging and concise manner.

Recognising that challenge, the Deckers have crafted what could be described as one of the most practical handbooks on how to design and deliver their message.
Ben and Kelly Decker have developed a very effective training solution for those wishing to provide impressive and inspiring presentations. Their book, Communicate to Influence: How to Inspire Your Audience to Actionis, in effect, the manual for that training process. In the some 250 pages, the Deckers break down each element of the communications experience and highlight what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Drawing heavily on case studies and observations from video feedback of coaching clients, the Decker’s have developed an approach that is highly practical and based on comprehensive experience from years in the field.
So what we have in Communicate to Influence,” is a set of practical tools that are highly effective and rapidly implementable.

Some of the key learning points include a Communicator’s Roadmap that highlights how to move from merely informing or directing, towards both entertaining and inspiring. For it is through connecting with the listener by entertaining that your message can be truly effective and your listeners inspired.

One of the most useful tools is a workflow of how to develop and polish your message with examples of how others have successfully applied the techniques.

This workflow includes:

  • Considering the listener.
  • Identifying the Point of View you want to present.
  • Considering the action steps in developing the presentation.
  • How to help the audience understand the benefits.

Other practical tools include:

  • The 5 white lies of communication – those things we tell ourselves to make us feel better about our ability to present.
  • The Decker Method – The workflow for improved and inspiring communication.
  • The behaviours of trust – The tools to build lasting rapport and trust.

The book ends with an exploration of what it takes to be a 10X Communicator, to build the communications skills to shift people’s thinking and to inspire those that hear you to great things, typified by the great ‘Man to the moon speech’ of US president John F Kennedy.

This book should be considered required reading for anyone looking to make presentations, or used communication as a primary skill.

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