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Book Review: Darcy Eikenberg – How to Put Your Superpowers to Work

Book Review: Darcy Eikenberg – How to Put Your Superpowers to Work

Book Review: Darcy Eikenberg – How to Put Your Superpowers to Work


Using your strengths as a way to maximise your success is hardly a new concept. Authors such as Rath and Buckingham have long championed this concept with books like Strengthsfinder.

What Darcy Eikenberg has achieved with her book Bring Your Superpowers to Work: Your Guide to More Clarity, Confidence & Control has exploited and extended this work and created a series of exercises that help us find and develop those super powers. She has also given us the tools to be able to exploit  these superpowers for the benefit of our professional lives and or personal success.

Key to this is Eikenberg’s idea that there are 3 keys to exploiting your strengths:

Clarity – understanding deeply what it is that makes use powerful, what separates us from others and how to apply them.
Confidence – as we begin to know ourselves and understand the origin, scope and depth of our power,then generate the self confidence to able to apply them.
Control – all we can control is what we think, say and do.  Once we know where our powers lie, then we can focus on working to engage those powers with intention and volition.

Eikenberg then goes on to outline a series of exercises that help us discover those superpowers.  These exercises increase your level of introspection and self awareness.  This leaves you with a better informed view of not only where you think your powers lie but also where other think of you as effective.

Eikenberg’s book then gives us a set of tools as to how to exploit and apply those powers for the benefit of our careers and personal development.

For example, one of the ways in which we “show ourselves” to others is in our behaviour and what we say.  Now that you have discovered your superpowers, you’ll now need to let others know how to get the best from you.  Craft a few phrases to advertise our newly discovered superpowers and connect more on a human level, rather than just using the tools of social media.

These simple approaches will raise you profile and allow others to see you as more effective and more attuned to your own strengths.


With this book Eikenberg offers us the opportunity to create a revolting or people exploiting their power. A red cape revolution of people getting more from themselves and more from life.  The book is rich in tools to help us exploit our strengths and for those self-development junkies, Eikenberg has a content and tool rich website.  So get the book, visit the site and work to find and exploit your own Superpowers.

Darcy Eikenberg Homepage


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