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Book Review: Future Strong by Bill Jensen

Book Review: Future Strong by Bill Jensen

Book Review: Future Strong by Bill Jensen

futurestrongIn Future Strong: How to Work Unleashed, Lead Boldly, and Live Life Your Way, Bill Jensen poses some very challenging questions about the future of business, work and even your own performance. The ideas are bold and quite provocative but worthy of consideration and some of those ideas and observations are surprisingly compelling.

As Jensen writes, we face an uncertain future with factors such as dramatic population growth, economic challenges, strain on natural resources and all pervasive technology.  The world is changing in so many ways and the challenges we face in that future world are going to require more resilient, more courageous and more capable people to lead us all to a stronger tomorrow.


So what is future strong?


Jensen believes it is adventurous self mastery, simplified and amplified, backed with the passion to push through challenging boundaries.


Jensen believes  that there are 5 factors, 5 choices that make you ‘future strong’.


1. Your Inner Truths – You are going to need courage and resilience to ensure you have a strong future and these you will have to draw from within. These inner truths will be signposted in your history, if you have the courage to look back to when you where most effective.


2. Your Soul on Fire – What will you choose to become? What adventure calls you? What is the one thing that you are born for?


3. Your Humble Self – How will you move from your comfort zone and disrupt yourself to something with greater potential? This will lead to you feeling under capable, under confident and humble but it is a possible step towards something greater.


4. Your Sacrifices – What hardships will you endure to create a more resilient you and earn a better future?


5. Resilience – Who will you choose to support you, hold you accountable and help you achieve your dreams.


Future Strong offers the reader a variety of stories, examples and observations that will force you to consider the world in a number of different ways.  I think some readers will find this book disconcerting as it challenges a comfortable view of the future where there arehigh levels of perceived certainty and minimal risk. Others will find inspiration and encouragement that will lead them to greater success. No matter which group of reader you fall into, Future Strong offers insights and thoughts that I have not found in other contemporary texts.


As Marshall Goldsmith states on the front cover…Totally Original.


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