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Book Review: MOXIE by John Baldoni

Book Review: MOXIE by John Baldoni

Book Review: MOXIE by John Baldoni

MoxieI am an enthusiast of books that offer techniques that people can try on as they grow their own leadership style. In MOXIE, Baldoni offers a good selection of things to try and if you remain Mindful (as the M in MOXIE suggests) then you will quickly identify those techniques that serve you well.  MOXIE is an entertaining read with some excellent learning points.

As a coach of high level executives, John Baldoni has had the privilege to work with a large number of senior managers and leaders across a wide spectrum of professions. This has given him an insight into some of the more effective techniques and behaviours that are common to many of the world most capable leaders. These are behaviours and techniques that are both common to good leaders and that are enduring.

Good coaches help you find the internal resources to push past your performance challenges. Great coaches give you tools to help you move forward, independent of further support. In ‘MOXIE’, Badoni has codified some of the more effective behaviours in the memory device ‘MOXIE’ so they are more accessible and routinely applicable to the leaders of the future. Applying them will give you some of the tools to press on your own.

The term MOXIE, typically used to describe gutsy and tough characters in 1930s movie, is used here as a mnemonic for the 5 characteristics that Baldoni considers as typifying strong leadership.

M – is for mindfulness. Leaders that are self aware understand the impact of their communication and actions and use that awareness and intention to lead their team to increased performance.

O – is for opportunity. Leaders who are prepared to look for opportunity and work to exploit them are those that succeed more frequently.

X – is for X Factor. Baldoni lists a set of characteristics that provide the leader with a certain extra something. Possessing these characteristics offers the leader a facility that people will recognise and provide a foundation that people will rely upon you for.

I – is for Innovation. Good leaders are those that listen and look for ways to improve things, whether that be with new solutions or by improving old solutions.

E – is for Engagement. Strong leaders listen actively to understand and then commit to what they decide is the most appropriate way ahead.

Each of these factors is discussed at length and its utility is presented in a number of case studies. This approach illustrates why each of these factors has been identified and how it is exploited by some of the more memorable leaders of our time.

Of particular utility is the Appendix where Baldoni explores how to apply MOXIE and make it work for you.

This makes this book highly useful and its techniques applicable for leaders at all levels.

This book is one that has lots of leadership examples and techniques to apply and would be useful in the library of any aspiring or experienced leader. Highly recommended.


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