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Book Review: Summit by Scott Addis

Book Review: Summit by Scott Addis

Book Review: Summit by Scott Addis

SummitIn Summit: Reach Your Peak and Elevate Your Customers’ Experience
, Addis has captured many of the fundamentals of self and business performance improvement in a single text. Crafted in simple and clear language, Summit has the virtue of being simple but not simplistic and wrap’s its lessons in the metaphor of mountain climbing. This approach makes the lessons easily digestible, and readily applicable for the reader.

Working through the stages of discovering your inner strength, personal preparation, personal presentation and the customer experience, Addis builds your knowledge, skills and confidence so that you can be a more effective. Reflecting on his own professional journey Addis highlights how reaching the peak is a result of a constant cycle of self awareness and self reflection. In contrast to may such books, Addis also highlights the areas where he personally struggles and has faced challenges.

What is most remarkable is the density in which the lessons have been packed into this relatively short book and the way that despite the content, the material is so easily applicable.  From strength finding to goal setting, servant leadership and value propositions there is so much material here, you would have expected it to be a much larger text.

Addis highlights Goal Setting and Visualization as helpful techniques for performance improvement as well as 6 key factors that we need to perform well in the service environment:

1. Self Confidence.
2. Desire to Serve Others.
3. A strong Value Proposition.
4. Ability to build relationships.
5. Have a good Mentor.
6. Emotional Intelligence.

An excellent primer for self and business performance improvement and a very good addition to your self help library. Indeed if you are starting out in in career, this book both is a tool set in itself as well as a way to identify the areas where deeper research will enhance your performance further.

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