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Book Review: Taming Tigers by Jim Lawless

Book Review: Taming Tigers by Jim Lawless

Book Review: Taming Tigers by Jim Lawless


Jim Lawless’ Taming Tigers: Do things you never thought you could was recommended to me and I am pleased to say I am thankful for that recommendation because it allowed me to refresh some of the things I believe and it was great to have them articulated so well.

Jim has captured his approach for ‘taming your emotional tigers’ in a well written, entertaining and largely autobiographical book. One of his key observations is that now, right now, you are writing your life story.

So what sort of story is it. Is it a beige tale of the mediocre or is it a daring adventure? One of the things that might be stopping you from achieving is, according to Jim, your emotional tiger; an inner voice that makes you fear what could be and holds you back.


Taming Tigers offers Jim’s very practical (and personally applied) rules for overcoming these fears, getting out of your comfort zone and for taming those Tigers.

Applying his rules allowed him to perform a record breaking 101 meter dive on a single breath hold as well as learn to learn ride a race horse and compete in a televised race within 12 months.

Jim’s ten rules are stated here but it is worth reading the book and also watching the youtube videos of the rules to learn and internalise the lessons they hold.

Rule 1 – Act Boldly, time is limited – Are you writing another beige page in your story or starting to add some colour to look back on when you are older?

Rule 2 – Re-write your rule book – challenge it hourly – overcome those beliefs that have held you back before.

Rule 3 – Head in the direction you want to arrive at every day.

Rule 4 – Its all in the mind – your limitations and your ability to overcome them.

Rule 5 – The tools for taming tigers are all around – look for ways to prove the tiger is wrong and ask for help if you need it, people have a great capacity to be generous.

Rule 6 – There is no safety in numbers – Filter out the negative opinion of others.

Rule 7 – Do something scary every day – This guarantees you are out of your comfort zone and adding interest to your story.

Rule 8 – Understand and control your time to create change – Invest your time in something that always generates a return.

Rule 9 – Create disciplines – do the basics brilliantly – Olympic athletes and Military special forces are the best they can be because they do the basics to the very highest standards. Find your basics and do them the best you can.

Rule 10 – Never, never give up – The story of your life isn’t over until you are so keep taming those tigers and doing what you can to write your perfect story.

Moving for a minor legal career to international best selling author and speaker, Jim Lawless has clearly tamed his tigers and is now helping others do the same.

for more on these rules and how they could benefit your life, grab the book or at least watch the  youtube  videos.


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