Book Review: Targeted: How Technology is Revolutionizing Advertising by Mike Smith



One of the key elements of marketing is to ensure that you get the correct information on your product to the most receptive customer. In the internet age, however you have an additional challenge of trying to find those customers from the global audience you can now access.


In Targeted: How Technology Is Revolutionizing Advertising and the Way Companies Reach Consumers, Mike Smith has captured in a single book the most comprehensive description of how to exploit the technologies of the internet to overcome the challenges that access to such a large audience presents.

While technology will advance, the underlying philosophy of how to exploit that technology will endure and it is that philosophy that Smith has captured in this book.

Some examples of techniques that are explored in the book include:

• Online advertisement bidding, making your exploitation of adverts much more cost effective and productive.
• How to make your message stand out in the world of digital advertising
• How tailor your presentation to new media consumption devices and techniques like tablets, smart phones and video.

If you are new to the digital arena, this book is an excellent primer. If you are already familiar to the domain you will develop a more comprehensive understanding from a master in digital advertising.

The stated aim of the book is to “explain clearly how technologies such as paid-search advertising and real-time bidding work as well as explore how some of the industry’s most brilliant innovators developed such technologies and created the novel business models of some of the outstanding companies that serve the future of digital advert sales.”

This book certainly delivers on this aim. There are also some additional observations on the growth and availability of online personal data and big data that hint at some potential ways to exploit this information to more readily focus your marketing as well as refine both the message and the products.

Overall a great exploration of the digital landscape and the dynamics of electronic media presentation and how these can be exploited to maximise your online marketing.

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