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Book Review: The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate by Tali Raphaely

Book Review: The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate by Tali Raphaely

Book Review: The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate by Tali Raphaely

GuideNegotiateThe Complete Guide On How To Negotiate: Master the Art of Getting What You Want in Business and in Life by Tali Raphaely is an excellent primer in the skills and techniques of negotiation. It also dispels the idea that the negotiator has to be some hard nosed individual that squeezes the pips out of any deal and leaves their opponent with nothing.

Raphaely’s negotiation approach is to be firm and clear but still get what you want out of the deal while leaving the other person with confidence that they too have profited and with their self respect intact.

Starting with some of the basic principles, the author then takes the reader on a journey of the stages of negotiation in a clear and straight forward manner. You could almost read this book and use the techniques as a workflow with options for when the tactic you are using fails.

Raphaely illustrates both high level concepts and principles as well as very specific tactics and approaches to give the reader a well rounded approach and some key actions to take in the negotiation process.

The chapters reflect the overall concept of the book which is to ‘stay in control of yourself and the situation’.

Raphaely covers areas such as:

  • Slow things down – allowing you to control the pace and give yourself time to see the options.
  • Speak less and listen more – to gather the information you need to be more effective.
  • Don’t make the first offer – as that reveals your position and sets the limits of the negotiation.
  • Be respectful, polite and likeable – As this helps build rapport and helps the other person be happy with the outcome.
  • Never assume anything, always be prepared – So that you know what is combining, the cops of what you can do and so that you aren’t surprised.
  • Ask lots of questions – To gain an understanding of the overall outcome the other person is looking for not just the specifics of what they are asking for.
  • Ask for what you want – So the other person can also be creative in creating the outcome.
  • Never start with your bottom line number – as this closes down the negotiation and the only way is up.
  • Always make the other side feel satisfied with the deal – that way there is no remorse and your reputation for future deals remains positive.

This is a short book that is easy to read and with headings that help you to remember the tactics involved. It is also an excellent ready reference and refresher for anyone about to go into a live negotiation. And when you see the techniques you will be surprised as to how often you will be able to use the skills.

Overall I found Raphaely’s book an interesting read with some excellent techniques and tactics for improve your negotiating skills.

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