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Book Review: The Daily Edge by David Horsager

Book Review: The Daily Edge by David Horsager

Book Review: The Daily Edge by David Horsager


DailyEdgeWhen a horse wins a race it doesn’t have to be by a mile. All it takes is for one horse to be ahead of another by a small margin and all that takes is a slight edge.
In The Daily Edge: Simple Strategies to Increase Efficiency and Make an Impact Every Day, David Horsager doesn’t offer a slight edge, he offers the type of advantage that could give you a dramatic increase in your professional impact.

In a book packed with actionable tips and tools, Horsager gives the reader the opportunity to make a significant improvements in your performance.

Emphasising both individual action and the building of relationships, Horsager offers the critical observation that “Getting more work done is great, but it isn’t the overall priority of life”. Living a better life is.

Horsager’s first tip is to have a 90 day quick plan of action (Tip 1).

90 days is short enough to remain focused and long enough to achieve something notable. He then steps through a series of insightful and effective time management and productivity tips that will supercharge your day.
Making significant changes to your habits isn’t easy and tip 34 recommends you change one at a time. So with 35 tips in all, a plan of using one tip a day seems a good approach to getting the most out of this book.

Some of Horsager’s tips are very functional such as Planning Tomorrows Actions Today (Tip 10) or having a Clear Desk (Tip 18) and can be completed fairly quickly. Others will have such an impact on the way you work that you won’t see the true value until much later when the habit is ingrained. Tip 6 for example offers 5 actions that will set you up for improve performance no matter what your goals are. Tip 6 –SEEDS reminds us that the key to improved performance is to ensure we get enough:

S – Sleep – being sleep deprived stops you functioning at your best.
E – Exercise – without exercise we have poor health, poor focus and become lethargic.
E – Eating right – to ensure the body and mind has the energy and nutrients they need.
D – Drink Water- dehydration reduces performance and feels like hunger so can overeat as a response.
S – Source – having a personal source of strength gives you something to tap into when you face a challenge.

An entertaining and lively read, it fits eaily into your bag and the bite size chunks of information fit neatly into a short commute or even a taxi ride. From email efficiency and phone habits to travel tips and process automation, Horsager gives the reader a collection of highly effective, action focused tips to apply daily and redesign your work life. The Daily Edge is a book that you’ll want to keep referring to so that you can continue to develop your own daily edge.

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