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Book Review: The Great Management Reset by Leslie Kaminoff

Book Review: The Great Management Reset by Leslie Kaminoff

Book Review: The Great Management Reset by Leslie Kaminoff

As an interim manager and executive coach, I am always looking for ways to improve my management skills and those of my team. Time is always tight and so concise and focused blocks of wisdom are what I seek to impart to my team. Great Management Reset: 27 Ways to Be a Better Manager (of Anything) is a very well reasoned and clearly presented set of thoughts on management, techniques and style that is perfect for my purposes.


Kaminoff’s book is modest in size but the ideas it captures are a strong refresh of the main areas that a manager must consider. The Management Reset has 27 areas for management categorised in 9 areas:

People Management

  • What people want from their manager
  • How to engage with your staff
  • Being accountable

Task and Project Management

  • What to do it and when to do it
  • Setting goals
  • Your plan and the need for a back up plan

Time Management

  • Managing Deadlines
  • The need for To-Do Lists and Action Plans
  • Making time for your own work

Money Management

  • The importance of Profitability
  • Maximising management effect and your team’s output
  • Managing the budget

Communication Management

  • Communicating with your people
  • Making Problems Productive
  • Having productive meeting

Service Management

  • Delivering Service to your Supervisors
  • Delivering Service to your Team
  • Delivering Service to your consumers

Reputation Management

  • Articulate your Values
  • Be Consistent
  • Enhancing your Own Reputation

Change Management

  • The effects of Change
  • Planning and Executing Changes
  • Getting your team to embrace the change

Self Management

  • Taking Stock of Yourself
  • Managing Stress
  • Enjoying Managing


Each section is a short and focused exploration of the topic and will allow any manager to refresh (and reset) their management skills.

For me the key takeaways are:

1. The importance of Communication Management – The clearer and more detailed you are, the better that your team will understand what you are aiming for and will work with you to deliver your goals.

2. Remember the word FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful, reducing the number of areas in which your spend your effort so that the power you deliver is maximised in one area. This is the central thesis of the book Essentialism (a favourite of mine).

3. Self Management is critical – You must be able to manage yourself before you take on the responsibility of managing others.

With pre and post read surveys on your management approach and a bonus chapter on leadership, the Great Management Reset is a fast read that lets you revisit management in bite-sized chunks. My copy is already getting dogeared from re-reading and reviewing.

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