Book Review: The Surpassing Life  by Brad Rex

There are many self help and performance improvement books that claim to give simple and practical techniques to make your life better.  Many are repetitions and derivatives of older works and often written by people how have failed to achieve much of what they have written about.  Brad Rex is not one of those people and The Surpassing! Life: 52 Practical Ways to Achieve Personal Excellence is definitely not one of those books.
Brad Rex has had an incredibly successful corporate life and has been a VP in Walt Disney World, was on the Orland Leadership Foundation, ran the Epcot centre and the Hilton Vacations Company.  He was the Chief Exec of Helix life and now runs a private consultancy as well as an ‘end of life’ management service.  It is from the successes of this   corporate career that Brad has captured the lessons and techniques he has used to thrive in this very readable book.
Brad offers 52 sections (one per week?) and myriad ways to make a success of your personal life and your business life.  The book provides parables of life and short case studies that illustrate each of his success principles and these mix with Brad’s own entertaining story to weave a series of engaging tales that are rich with lessons.
The book highlights how manage your finances, improve your health, build and reinforce  relationships, live with honour and lead with passion.
The main chapter headings cover the key themes of Money, Health, Honour, Relationships, Knowledge, Leadership and Success. These, for Brad are the main axes of personal and business success. Each of the 52 lessons within those chapters are summarised are the end with a short  series of Actions Steps and a reminder of the Payoff to keep you motivated.  An excellent resource to refresh your reading in just a few moments.
Brad’s own life story should justify you adopting many of the techniques in the book but there are so many to pick from.  If you only follow a fraction of the guidance and advice in this book, you will go a good way towards achieving personal excellence.
A very worthwhile read and something to revisit time and again.
 Aspire, Act and Thrive
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