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Book Review: Venture Mom by Holly Hurd

Book Review: Venture Mom by Holly Hurd

Book Review: Venture Mom by Holly Hurd

venturemomWith the explosive connectivity that the internet has delivered, the possibilities for new, more flexible ways to offer value and earn money are ever increasing. The development of micro businesses is therefore a very real possibility as a career option for many. In Venture Mom: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks, Holly Hurd offers a 12 week programme for how anyone, and in particular mothers, can develop their own venture.


Venture Mom is a good introduction to the idea of being an independent business woman or “Venture Mom” and looks at how other mothers have been inspired to combine motherhood and entrepreneurship, taking what spare time they have to create successful ventures. The book gives the reader 12 chapters of activities and exercises, which could realistically be completed 1 per week, so that they too could go from ‘idea to income’ in just 12 weeks.

The book aims to remove the mystery of launching a business. Its chapters take you from the first business idea and your initial concept, through the process of research, naming the business, setting up the operational processes and getting to your first sale. While not comprehensive, the book does achieve much of this aim and in an engaging and entertaining manner. It also has a very United States flavour but many of the messages are applicable to any country.
Hurd’s clear writing takes you, stage by stage (week by week) on the journey of creating your own business. The key areas covered include ‘getting organised’, ‘pricing the product’, ‘taking it to the web’ and ‘getting the first sale’.

Filled with short examples of other successful Venture Moms, each chapter gives not only support and guidance but also encouragement and motivation. These elements combine to help the reader overcome any fear of getting started and gives some insights into what has worked for others.

The first 12 chapters in the book describe the steps to success and are simple without being simplistic and easily applied. Chapters 13-21 then discuss a number of successful ventures across a variety of business domains in more detail. This provides additional guidance for how others have succeeded and insight into what works and perhaps what doesn’t. Common to many similar books, Hurd also has a website that offers additional resources, additional case studies and a supportive community which you can find here.

Overall, the book is a good introduction to the concept of micro businesses and how to make steps towards developing your own venture. The prose is clear and encourages the reader to get involved, providing lots of actions to develop experience and progress. There is also some good signposting to additional information and support. In short the book demonstrates what is achievable with passion, commitment and focus and provides a formula that has yielded good results for others.

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