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Book Review: What More Can I Say? by Dianna Booher

Book Review: What More Can I Say? by Dianna Booher

Book Review: What More Can I Say? by Dianna Booher



What More Can I Say? is a very clear presentation of the importance of communication and an exploration of how to get it both right and wrong. Dianna Booher has crafted a simple and elegant comparison of the 9 different laws of communication and how to apply them to get the most from your interactions with others. Following many of her own themes, Booher establishes trust, develops a simple message and offers the reader a story that offers both potential and emotional engagement. This captures the essence of each message and exploits the very last she has defined in each chapter of the book.

The 9 laws she develops in the book are:

1. The Law of Trust versus Distrust.
2. The Law of Collaborations versus the Monologue.
3.The Law of Simplicity versus Complexity.
4. The Law of Tact versus Insensitivity.
5. The Law of Potential versus Achievement.
6. The Law of Distinction versus Dilution.
7. The Law of Specificity versus Generalisation.
8. The Law of Emotion versus Logic.
9. The Law of Distortion versus Perspective.

Booher explores each of these laws with clarity and detail explaining how best to exploit them for your own business and personal benefit. There is a blend of art and science to ensuring listeners are engaged and communicated with and the book,  What More Can I Say?  offers some excellent examples of how this blend can be achieved.

It is a book I shall be returning to and I certainly recommend it as ready reference for any leader or manager.

And you can gain a taste for the book and an extremely useful grid of how the apply the 9 laws at the book’s launch page.

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