Book review: You Can’t Not Communicate 2 – David Grossman

communicateDavid Grossman certainly lives up to his trademark title of your ‘Thought Partner’.  His new book, ‘You Can’t not Communicate 2‘ , further explores how top leaders differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Grossman’s knowledge of communication styles and techniques is formidable and only matched by his ability to present his ideas in a simple, clear and entertaining manner.

With attention spans shrinking, this book has cross generation appeal, presenting ideas in short bursts of highly relevant material.  Easily read and digested, the key themes and points are often presented in bullet form, short case studies and tips, all proven to increase retention and clarify understanding.

Grossman covers a variety of areas including the leadership differential, What Employees Want and Communicating with the Millenials, building on his previous book with additional ideas and principles to help leaders and managers develop.

Avoiding Grossman’s 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership is critical to ensure that you aren’t undermining you leadership impact.  Are you committing any of them?

Perceptive and intelligent, this book remains easily readable and is a book that you can dip into time and time again, re-learning the lessons that make leaders and managers thrive.

Highly recommended for leaders and managers everywhere.

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