Coach’s Casebook Podcast – Episode 16 – Annette Palmer

Coach’s Casebook Podcast – Episode 16 – Annette Palmer

Annette is an inspirational business and life coach, consultant and trainer. She has enhanced skills in people and performance management and is able to inspire and provide direction, motivational leadership and development.  For over 10 years she has designed customised programmes to train and mentor a range of technical and soft skills. Over 800 people have benefitted from her enthusiastic and encouraging training and coaching style.  She has a reputation for her approachability and is passionate about her work.
As well as being exceptionally approachable, her career background enables her to successfully communicate with levels from operational floor to boardroom in the workplace.  This ensures the positive development of key relationship building.
In 2010 Annette set up her own Coaching, Consultancy and Training Company. She is currently working with the local College, Council and Chamber of Commerce on Skills Visioning – bringing businesses and schools together to understand the gaps.  Annette will be undertaking a second qualification during 2012 – Youth Impact Coaching Diploma.



Linkedin:    Annette Palmer

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