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Develop Leadership Level Will Power

Develop Leadership Level Will Power

Strong leaders often exhibit a high level of will power. They establish a vision, make a plan to get there and then, by sheer act of will, take themselves and their team towards their goal.

NLP uses modeling (understanding and copying the behaviours of successful others) as a manner to develop the skills that a person wants. Therefore, if we find a person who demonstrates will power, and identify the key behaviours that we can copy.

Identifying Leaders with high levels of Will Power

  1. They hustle – Leaders with strong will power don’t wait for things to happen, they make things happen. They are never satisfied. They are constantly looking to improve performance and achieve the business goals.
  2. They are totally committed – High will power leaders drive themselves totally towards achieving their goals. They commit themselves totally to the challenge, applying maximum energy and perseverance to the task.
  3. They are solution orientated – Leaders with high will power are always looking for a way around obstacles.
  4. They own their performance – Good or bad, high will power leaders own their performance. Good performance is learned from and built upon. Bad performance is learned from and moved beyond

Developing Leadership Level Will Power

Having identified some of the characteristics and behaviours that are representative of will power, we need to consider how to develop some of these behaviours too.

  1. Here a some strategies for you to develop will power.
  2. Take action now – Will requires action. The more you act, the more you will develop the habit of acting. Your actions can be small, but each action should take you towards a goal.
  3. Be responsible for your actions – Having acted, look at the results. If the results are good, own and share the glory and note what has worked. If the results are bad, own the grief on your own and note what didn’t work and why.
  4. Form positive habits – Read widely. Consider the domain you are working in and look for patterns. Network and surround yourself with people who also demonstrate high levels of will power.
  5. Stand firm on your decisions – Make considered decisions and then standby them. Sometimes it may be difficult to stand fast, particularly if there is a lot at stake. If you have completed the analysis, considered the options and made what you think is the best decision, then hold fast. When the outcome arrives, follow point 2 above.
  6. Develop Self Discipline – Learn how to put things off. Delay gratification and learn to stop your impulses driving your emotions.

Follow these basic strategies and you will being to start developing the will power needed of a strong leader.

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