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Increasing Your Business Efficiency

Increasing Your Business Efficiency

There is a fairly famous quote from David Allen of Getting Things Done fame that states:

‘There is no need to have a thought more than once unless you want to!’

That to me is the essence of business efficiency.

Never spend time and effort solving a problem that you or someone else has already solved.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

So having solved the problem, create a system, a process or a procedure to capture the essence of solving that problem so that you can teach it to others.

Here are a few areas that you can consider for developing processes, procedures and systems for in your business:

– Structuring a job advertisement
– Conducting an interview
– Introducing your business to potential customers
– Explaining your vision to potential investors
– Hosting a meeting
– Crafting the minutes of a meeting
– Re-ordering your supplies
– Purchasing your supplies
– Changing your supplies into products (operations)
– Processing your mail
– Processing your email
– Storing your reference material
– Managing your time
– Developing your knowledge
– Developing your staff
– Paying your bills
– Planning your strategy

For more information on how to create processes and procedures to develop your business, read Michael Gerber’s book E-myth Revisited.

Create systems, get efficient and effective and constantly look to improve.

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