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Leadership – Take Responsibility

Leadership – Take Responsibility

As a leader, you will be responsible for both your team and their output.

But you must earn this right by demonstrating responsibility in everything you do.

Practise this today by taking 100% of responsibility for your life.  Hold yourself accountable for what you do and what you don’t do.

If you agree to do something, then ensure you do it.

if you plan to achieve a goal, then do everything you can to achieve it.

if you fail to achieve that goal, ensure you understand why and then ensure you learn from the experience.

Stop making excuses and become the cause in your life rather than just dealing with the effect.

Once you start a pattern of taking responsibility for elements of your life, it will soon become a habit.  that habit will be recognised by others as one of your consistent behaviours.  you will become known for getting things done and being reliable.

This will then generate the level of respect you will need to exude as a leader.

Take charge of yourself and it won’t be long before people see you as someone that can take charge of others.

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