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Let Go and Grow Your Business

Let Go and Grow Your Business

As you develop your business you will need to balance your time between ‘Working on your business, and working in your business’.

You will find less and less time to do everything and so you will need to start outsourcing and delegating.  This can be a difficult process for less experienced leaders and managers.

You’ll be unsure of the performance and quality of the work being done by others.  You’ll also be less informed about the business, which can be an anxious time.

Accept that you can’t do everything. You will need to off-load some of the actions to other  identify where your strengths add most values.

Identify where you want to spend your time and what you want to delegate or outsource.

Have confidence in others. people can step up when you give them the opportunity.

What you are looking for is the output, so when you delegate be clear about what you want and when and then let them get on with it.  Let them work out the methods.

Hold your nerve.  Don’t take back control as soon as you begin to be concerned about the output. Coach if you must but trust in your people to deliver.

Delegation and outsourcing can be difficult to get used to but it is an indication that your business is growing.  Embrace the growth.

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