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Naked Coaching – Coaching with the Fluff Shaved Off!

Naked Coaching – Coaching with the Fluff Shaved Off!

One of the things I have recently started hearing around my network is that coaching is all too ‘ Pink and Fluffy’.

This seems to me as people thinking that coaching as little more than a coffee and a chat with a little bit of ‘goal setting’ included to make everyone involved feel like it is worthy of the business transaction.

Thinking about this principle, I suspect that this observation or perhaps criticism has been leveled at the coaching profession because there seems to be a glut of coaches that are using the profession as a ‘lifestyle’ business.

Perhaps they are recently made redundant or have reached a certain age and feel that they have something to offer and coaching is a relatively elegant and friction free transition for them.

This I think, is a fair criticism of some coaching approaches, but unfair on the coaching profession in general.

There are some coaches that provide a more robust approach including myself.

I have recently been described as a coach that is  ‘robust’, ‘direct’ and ‘non-nonsense’.

Fair observations I believe, but my approach is always aimed at getting results.

My own style of coaching is probably a little too raw for some people. However, sometimes a more direct approach will provide the level of insight required to provide a very effective change in values, beliefs and behaviours and so aid the client to getting the life they want rather than the life they have.

I think of my approach as being more ‘naked coaching’…Coaching with the fluff shaved off.
This is not a reference to the book ‘The Naked Coach’ by David Taylor, but more a description of my approach being simple, direct and focused.

If you read my blog post 4000 then you’ll know that the time we have is not as much as we would like and so, a more direct approach to coaching reflects my desire to squeeze more out of the time we all have available.
So how does it work?

1. Engagement – we chat. I will profile your behaviours and listen to your aspirations and we’ll discuss if this is something that I can help with and if we are a working match. At this point, a decision of “No thank you, its not for me” is perfectly fine.
People need to have a natural rapport and trust before proceeding and I’d rather not coach someone, than accept a person who will not commit to the programme or isn’t fully happy with the working relationship.

2. Profiling – I have my own approach to behavioural profiling that helps me understand how someone will “behave when they are not thinking about how they are behaving”. This is the authentic person.

3. Having identified where the client is, we discuss where they want to be.

4. A set of goals and subsequent plans are critical, as we need to have the journey mapped out and have milestones on the way to see if the client is going in the correct direction, how quickly and if it is still congruent with their life goals, their ULP.

5. Having identified where the client is going, we discuss behaviours, processes and techniques to get them there, we then roll up our sleeves and get to work developing those new behaviours.

6. Sometimes a structured package of training using ‘spaced repetition’ is useful and I use the LMI-UK programmes  from the Total Leader Solution to achieve those behavioural changes. These have a unique way of changing leadership behaviours. As the client works on the programme, the programme works on the client, with dramatic results.
Other times a bespoke solution is required but the concept of ‘spaced repetition’ is still key to adapting and adopting new success behaviours.

7. No matter the coaching solution, the outcome is a very definite behavioural change and the adoption of success habits that update the software in the client’s Neck Top Computer.

Sometimes a more gentle approach is required to coaching and I have associates and colleagues that I can recommend if that style is more relevant to you.
However, if a more direct and efficient style of coaching is more appropriate for your tastes and style, then Naked Coaching is certainly worthy of consideration.
How long will you be putting up with what you have, when you are capable of so much more?

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