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PICK your best option

PICK your best option

Sometimes you have to decide the best option from a number of possible activities. The PICK model is a simple approach for assessing the best use of your time. It assumes that you have the necessary time, resources and personal motivation to complete each option and helps you assess where best to place effort. For those that are familiar, it is similar to the Pareto rule but does not require any of the analysis normally associated with the 80:20 approach.


The model compares the Effort to Implement against the Payoff for that effort in the simple 2×2 Matrix shown below.

A task that is easy to implement and has a solid payoff, it is a clear candidate for immediate implementation.

A task that is easy to implement but a low payoff it is a possible candidate for implementation and possibly something that could be easily delegated.

A task that is hard to implement but has a solid payoff is something that will be a challenge to implement and could be considered as a project for further consideration.

A task that is hard to implement but has little payoff is something that you could probably kill.

Using the PICK model will allow you to more readily focus your time

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