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Staying Focused in a World of Chaos and Distraction

Staying Focused in a World of Chaos and Distraction


With the distractions that face us everyday, being focused is one of the most effective competitive advantages we can all develop to stand out from our peers.
The ability to hold a laser like focus on individual tasks will allow you to get much more done and so discriminate you from the crowd.

There is no such thing as corporate Ritalin for the executive or for leaders and so here are 5 ways to increase your personal focus.

1.  Work out what it is you need to achieve.  Have absolute clarity what ‘a good job looks like’ and what tasks will get you there. Break big projects down into small, short duration tasks that you can focus on and then tick off quickly.

2.  Get activities into your diary.  Setting time aside for activities ensures you have at least some time allocated to the tasks from point 1 above and so you’re more likely to achieve them.

3.  Approach the task properly.  Have the materials, information and space to complete the task.  When you start to work, you are not them spending scheduled time tracking down the resources for the task, merely working to complete it.

4.  Exclude Interruptions.  Turn off the phone, the email alerts and close the door.  If you do get interrupted, then politely ask the person to come back at a set time in the future.  Your colleagues and staff will soon learn to either be disciplined about using your time or they’ll solve the problem themselves.

5.  Just Do It.  Procrastination is the thief of time. SO is social media. There are many temptations drawing our attention so ensure that if you need to Tweet-Blog-Link-Face-Boo-Tube then you’ve scheduled time for it and don’t allow it to take you away from your focus.

If you are doing the right things consistently and persistently you will be successful.  If your focus when you on doing those things and only those things when you should be doing them, success will come much more quickly.

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