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The Case of the Disillusioned Sales Person and Cold Caller

Its a truism to say that a shy sales person has skinny kids. So when you run your own business, it is essential that you have a selection of sales skills that you can use to get in front of your potential customers and cold calling is just one of…

Coach’s Casebook Podcast – Episode 5 – The Value of Coaching

Coach’s Casebook Podcast – Episode 5 – The Value of Coaching

Episode 5 – The Value of Coaching In this episode, Coach Martin Rhodes discusses how to explain the value of coaching to a client and answers the question…”How do I stop clients from postponing or cancelling the coaching agreement after they have committed to the process?” Resources: Audioboo…

The Case of the Inauthentic Manager

When Melissa was promoted, she had little experience of management. She needed to know how to act as a manager but the business wasn’t able to fund any training and her Director had made an assumption that she was such a good technical expert and really friendly, then she would…

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