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Michelle Beckett

Director  Michelle Beckett Consultancy
“Martin is a phenomenal business mentor & coach, & I feel very privileged to be working with him.
I’ve only had 2 sessions & already he’s had a huge impact on all areas of my life. Within an hour he’d worked out exactly how I tick, what help I needed, & what coaching methods would work for me.
He’s helped me implement working structured systems for time management & organisation, and given fantastic advice on new business ideas…as well as personal coaching.
I’ve already seen revenues rise because of it. I love his no-nonsense, roll your sleeves up, let’s get on with it, measurable results approach. Can’t wait to see how this journey progresses.
I have no doubt that the help I’m getting from Martin is nothing short of life changing. Invest in Martin – you’ll see a massive return…& not just financially.”

Jacqueline Bennett
Wild Inspired Life

I have been working with Martin for 2 months now and my business has transformed under his leadership! I have systems and structures in place for identifying and maximising opportunities, tracking my growth and I know where I’m spending my time. Martin has helped me to turn my passion into a thriving business.
If you want results, focus and drive then hire Martin Rhodes. A truly inspirational coach and leader.”

Jonathan Emery
Creative Director, Vector Photography

In a very short time, Martin helped me develop the confidence to do things, which I have thought about, but not followed through on.
I have met many ‘coaches’ but with Martin there is both tangible and intangible benefits.

Les Yuen

Director, Get to Great

“At last! In Martin I have found a business coach / mentor that fills me with confidence. Many coaches talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. After our first session together it was clear to me that Martin was the right man to help me push me and my business to the next level. I’ve gone as far as can on my own. If I want to succeed (and I do!) it’s important that I surround myself with winners and Martin is a winner!”





Michelle Mills-Porter (The Mother of Monkey Marketing!)

Owner, Ethos

“Unbelievable!!! Martin has just changed one of my most fundamental ways of thinking – for the better. He has also inspired me to re-write the first chapter of my book and possibly even the title. He was only here for a coffee! Martin uses incredibly precise communication with authority and accuracy and really impresses me with his insight. I’m really excited about where our relationship will take us, so just going into my diary to get some dates firmed up, can’t wait till the next “coffee!”


Warwick Business Club

Martin was the guest speaker at the Warwickshire Business Club last week. In the short time he had, Martin was fast paced, energetic and thought provoking. Great engagement with the audience, who all seemed generally impressed. Martin finished smack bang on time and left us with food for thought. Great stuff, thanks Martin.


The old adage “those who can’t ….” was blown away at the September Signature Dinner organised by Griffin & King when we were addressed by motivational speaker  Martin Rhodes. His stories of courage and leadership delivered in an entertaining and totally modest manner were definitely an inspiration to all those present. It was such a change to listen to someone who had actually done something extreme, rather than the many who just talk about it. His tales of danger and bravery brought to an end an extremely entertaining evening in Walsall, and provided true inspiration to all present not only for their drive home, but also going forward.





Philip Millard

Director, BlueStorm Development

Martin is a a very focused individual and gave a great talk at St Paul’s on that very subject. Some real take ‘aways’ for everyone to action and improve their output.





David Harris, Zurich Insurance

I engaged Martin as an executive coach when I was preparing for an internal selection for a regional management role. I wanted to make a very good impression at the selection event and this meant thinking at an appropriate level, in order to impress the senior management team and stand out against the competition.

Martin helped me to understand the characteristics and thinking patterns that would enable me to perform at this higher level of management.  He also provided me with some excellent tools and models, which made me think how I going to be perceived both during selection and if I won the role!

With his support during my preparations, I was not only very well prepared for the event but subsequently flew through the assessment and I am now awaiting confirmation that I have gained the role I was aiming for.

Martin is an excellent coach. He gave me a real understanding as to how an assessment centre would work. I have attended similar centres and interviews in the past, however my approach and confidence this time was much better.

I would recommend Martin for anyone that is looking to excel in their current role or to prepare for a move up the corporate ladder.





Cy Wilkinson, Managing Director Cressalls

Martin has a very effective coaching style that allows him to drill down into your values, beliefs and motivation and help you identify your personal and professional goals and objectives. His focused and direct approach, coupled with excellent communication and observational skills give him a deep insight into how best to generate a realistic and motivating action plan, a plan that is achievable, challenging and moves you towards your goals in a very meaningful way. In my opinion, Martin’s coaching style is first class.





Lottie Matthews

Martin helped me realise my goals and potentials, and helped me extrapolate my hobbies and passions from career objectives in order to focus on finding the right job for me.


Mark Hamilton Taylor

Founder The Social Media Academy

A unique chap with a great skill set, knowing exactly what, when and how to deliver. I have worked with Martin on a joint project over several weeks at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce which was an invaluable experience and I learned from his wisdom. I look forward to work with Martin on many future projects.

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