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The Attributes of Leadership (7)

The Attributes of Leadership (7)

Professional Knowledge

A leader with sound professional knowledge will be committed to continued professional development. They have a depth and breath of knowledge gained through experience supported by a strong habit of broad deep continuous education. They are able to set this knowledge in a professional context maximising its benefit for the team and the organisation. They achieve this by:

  • Continual Professional Development
  • Maintaining expertise and knowledge in their functional competencies
  • A commitment to continuous learning

For a leader sound professional knowledge is gained through education, training and personal experience. This growth should not just be focused in a narrow parochial area, but should be broad, deep and eclectic.

A leader that develops their own expertise is more likely to identify personal and team bias and so be less vulnerable to the influences of those who have their own agenda to progress. A broader understanding of the world around you helps you to distinguish between authentic and make-believe experts.

Knowledge is only useful however when it is translated into action or shared among those who can use it, your team.

An effective leader actively keeps staff and colleagues aware of developments and changes in the business environment. A leader’s most effective use of such knowledge and information is to shape the future direction of policy whilst understanding the consequences of these policy changes on the people and environment.

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