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The Challenge of Building Trust as a Leader

The Challenge of Building Trust as a Leader

Trust_HangOnA climate of trust is essential for performance in any organisation.

And trust must start at the top, with the leader.
So what must a leader do to be perceived as trustworthy?


As a good leader, you will need to demonstrate:
  • Competence: The team need to see that you are competent. Demonstrate your expertise.
  • Integrity: The team want fair and honest leaders.  They do not want to feel cheated, they want to feel supported and protected by their leaders.
  • Benevolence: People in the team want to know they have a relationship with you that is not only based on the transaction of a basic reward for their effort but only a more meaningful emotional connection.
  • Behavioural Consistency: People need to know where they stand and how you are going to act, particularly your management team as they will become proactive to meet their interpretation of your expectations. You need to behave consistently to give people the assurance that you are not going to change your direction and guidance radically. If you do want to change things in your leadership style then the way is to change small things and slowly.  Let the team get used to the changes.
  • Behavioural Clarity: Your team will need to be able to see clearly what the intent is in your actions and behaviour as well as the benefits it brings.
  • Behavioural Integrity: Do what you say you will and don’t do anything that conflicts with your espoused values.
  • Inclusion: Involvement generates commitment and shared involvement generates trust.
  • Clear Communication: Uncertainty can often be the result of poor or limited communication and this uncertainty undermines trust.  Clarity and consistency in what is being said and the actions that follow are key to the team developing trust in you and your leadership.
Achieving trust should be one of the aims of your strategy in becoming a better leader.


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