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The Power of 5 Minutes

The Power of 5 Minutes

Napoleon trained himself to eat his 4 course dinner in 15 Minutes!  this he claimed was because as a leader he knew the value of time, even the value of 5 minutes.

What could you do with 5 minutes?

1.    Return an email
2.    Make an appointment
3.    Leave a voice mail
4.    Write a paragraph of text for your blog or book
5.    Write an agenda
6.    Tweet
7.    Research a point
8.    Write a thank you note
9.    Ask a question
10.    Reconnect with a linkedin contact
11.    Read a short article
12.    Respond to a forum post
13.    Check your blog stats
14.    Check your next action list
15.    Check your cash flow
16.    Review your goals

Add to the list with what you could do with 5 minutes…

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