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The scariest number! 4000.

The scariest number! 4000.

At a networking event last night I heard a number that was both surprising and a little frightening.

The number 4000.

4000 is the number of weeks that the average person will live in the UK.

Statistically, the average lifespan in the UK is approximately 80 years.  That sounds not too unreasonable to most people.

Now convert that into 4000 weeks and it actually doesn’t sound that many to me.

In fact, although it is the same time period as 80 years, it is presented in a manner that brings our typical mortally into sharp relief.

There are 2 lessons here:

1.    How you present information matters.
2.    Time is running out!!!

How many weeks have you lived and what have you achieved?

More importantly, how many weeks do you have left and what will you do with them?

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