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Tools of the Coach

Tools of the Coach

Coaching has become quite an industry. Life coaches, business coaches, marketing coaches, the list goes on.

And to support, train and endorse these coaches are a number of different organisations that charge these coaches for training and for the branding that allows them to have an ‘endorsed’ by that august body.

No matter your thoughts about how the coaching industry has proliferated, the underlying principle is the same.

Help you find a better way of achieving what they want.

This simple little youtube clip explains How Coaching Works

So apart from a magic pencil what does the coach actually have in that tool box?

There are many coaching approaches, models and style but the underlying principle is based on 3 basic techniques:

1. Questions – If you speak to any entrepreneur or successful person, the one thing you will recognise really quickly is the power and precision in their questioning. They are questions which are the conversational equivalent to a smart bomb. They blow away the barriers and get to the heart of the issue. This is where a coaches can help you as they also ask really good questions. Questions that help you think about the problem, the issues relating to the problem and help you explore how that problem could be tackled.
2. Challenge – people aren’t generally very honest with themselves. They see themselves through their own beliefs and perspective and often this leads to an incorrect appreciation of who we are. A coach will challenge you to look beyond your beliefs and perceived limitations and take an honest look at yourself. That is sometimes enough to make the breakthrough required to overcome the issue.

3. Silence – people rarely get enough time to think and so a coach will often ask a question or make a challenge and them wait…and wait….and wait. This will allow you to explore to exhaustion the issue and potential options. Often the first 2 – 3 answers or statements you respond with are superficial. By giving you the time to explore more options the coach is helping you dig deeper into your own resources to resolve the issue. Silence is also interesting because, just like nature abhors a vacuum, we dislike the space that a silence leaves in conversation and so we fill it! hopefully with more and more value until a result is achieved.

No matter the fancy tools, techniques of approaches that are used by coaches, there are generally 3 basic techniques:

Questions, Challenge and Silence.

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