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What is Executive Coaching?

What is Executive Coaching?

Coaching is a simple, yet effective form of personal development where the Client identifies a challenge that they want to overcome and works with a Coach to create options, identify strategies, make decisions and make behavioural changes to overcome the challenge.

This process can be seen as a journey where your Coach travels with you to guide you on the path and give you honest and unbiased feedback on how you are performing.  A Coach can also call upon a selection of tools and techniques that will help you identify options and potential solutions that you may not have been able to identify on your own.

Executive Coaching can be particularly effective for those Clients looking to develop their performance in the business context.  The Client and Coach develop a collaborative relationship which is solution-focused and results-oriented to ensure the Client is operating at the level of performance required for  their role.  The aims are typically to ensure the client is able to achieve improved business results, improved business performance, improved operational effectiveness and improved personal performance.

In Executive Coaching it is often the Business or Organization that employs the Coach to help the Client overcome a specific hurdle, although an Executive may feel they would benefit from Coaching, particularly if they are looking to move up to the next level of performance or are working towards a promotion.

No matter your issue, a Coach can help you gain insight into how you are performing and interacting with the world and give you the tools and strategies to move successfully to the next level.

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