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When your client asks “How can I be more successful?”

When your client asks “How can I be more successful?”

SuccessThtsClients rarely seek out a coach to make their situation worse! Clients are generally looking to improve one (or more) areas of their life.

You have a number of responses that you can use to answer this question including exploring the client’s idea of success, exploring the actions and behaviour patterns of successful people or drilling down into a specific area that the client wishes to be more successful in.

As you will already know, there are a number of criteria and behaviours that commonly lead to successful outcomes.

Self belief, persistence, resilience and focus are common factors, but it can take a full session to have your client identify such criteria.


What may be helpful is to pre-frame your client’s understanding by providing some views on success from some contemporary thinkers and entrepreneurs.

Here is a collection of 5 videos on success and achieving your targets.

1. Richard St John – 8 to be Great!

2. Shawn Achor – The happy secret to better work

3. Gary Vaynerchuk – Patience and Passion

4. Tony Robbins – How to Focus

5. Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address


While far from the full story on success and how to achieve it, these videos will provide some context for your client and allow them to explore their own definition of success. With that pre-framed in their minds, your exploration of the concept of success and the setting of goals directly from that exploration should be friction free and lead you to an elegant action plan.




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